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I chat with brothers in my lodge meeting regularly and tell them I have a blog that answers some of the more popular questions about Freemasonry.  Some think it is a good idea, others just tell listen, and a few others ask for the website url.  My goal is not promote the website to them.  But, my goal is let them know a new resource is being developed for the fraternity.

As my year as Worshipful Master comes to an end and a much needed break from being an active leader begins.  I think to myself – as a Blue Lodge Master- we added 10 new Master Masons. Which is great but our lodge has 8 brother Masons going NPD.  NPD stands for non payment of dues and it is the second top reason Freemasonry is declining in membership.  The first is deaths.  Literally, elderly brothers are just passing away from old age.  Which means, my year as Master of the Lodge, I have been able to show a small growth in membership of 2 brothers overall.  I

Is that good? The Freemasonry Report is Born.

After thinking about the membership direction versus the population of men over the age of 18 that believe in God.  It is clear to see that the fraternity as a lot of market density it can tap into.  But, the old ways of connecting the fraternity to these men is changing.  More and more men are going to places like Facebook, Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Instagram, Twitter, Meetup, and LinkedIn to name a few to find interesting people to become friends with.  So I decided to add a new avenue to connect the fraternity with these men.

How? The Freemasonry Report give you highly detailed answers.

I have been surveying new and veteran brothers of our fraternity to ask them – what they wish they were told prior to joining.  Also, I have researched what people are looking to get answers to about the Freemasons.  By blending these two concepts together, I have created a blog with a YouTube Account to start to answer these questions about the fraternity.  My hope is that Father, Grandfathers, Brothers, Uncles, Nephews, Grandsons, and first time men with no family members in Masonry can learn about the fraternity.

The visitors can refer this website to friends, family, and people they know to get the word out about the fraternity.  My desire is not over success, but a long term positive outcome.  Thank you for reading this blog article and enjoy exploring more of the page and post on this website.


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Thanks for visiting the Freemasonry Report and we hope are enjoying reading all about Freemasonry!