Building A Better Fraternity

Building A Better Fraternity

The Freemasonry Report built this page to create a space on the website for Masons to read and listen to ways to make their local lodges stronger.  From time to time, even the best Freemasons needs some inspiration for maybe getting good ideas.  Nothing here is set in stone and any idea shared can be changed to best fit your local lodge. Actually, it should be because I have never seen a universal idea implemented the same way in different areas. The concept – yes, but the execution – no.

All Freemasonry is spread across the world, therefore it is realistic to take into consideration that numerous Freemasons work under different Grand Lodge Jurisdictions. Therefore, not every idea is suitable for your Grand Lodge, but I will be sharing plenty of ideas. So if just one idea works, then great and if more than one idea works – well that’s even better!

If you want to get connected with more Freemasons online – check out this Facebook Group now! If you are not yet a Mason and wish to join the fraternity – visit our ‘Find A Masonic Lodge’ in your state page to locate a blue lodge near you.

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