Fundraisers that don’t require frying anything!

Fundraisers that don’t require frying anything!

Are you tired on Fried Chicken Fundraisers? Here are 20 fundraisers that don’t require frying anything!

I think over the years, decades, darn I say centuries… Freemasons have become interconnected with Fried Chicken Fundraisers. Well my brothers – today is the day it ends!  Yes, I am giving you some fundraising ideas that don’t include deep frying a chicken. Enjoy and share this post if you want and also include this post to your meeting minutes – just keep the meeting going a little longer. (Just kidding.)

But, I want to introduce myself and why you should consider reading this blog article.  First off, I am a Master Mason for over 15 years and Past Master as well. My Masonic experiences include helping with District functions, being a 32nd Degree Mason, also being involved in the Tall Cedars, and I am a York Rite Mason too. Furthermore, my experiences in Freemasonry doesn’t make me “Superman” but it does mean that I have useful knowledge that can help possibly your Masonic Lodge.

Okay so let’s get started.

1. Fashion show

Yup, I just went there – got a local high school or college in the area? Well, hit up the Goodwill and do a fundraiser with them. You buy and supply the clothing for the volunteers models. Auction off the clothing to guests you invite and also the brothers too. This is a great holiday fundraiser or theater group fundraiser. You can donate the clothing to theater groups for costumes purposes and the money raised can go to the local high school or college. It’s a win-win-win!

Don’t have a catwalk? No biggie – just open up an area in the lodge and roll out an old red carpet. Done!

Got some fake fashion jewelry or odd looking couture? You actually don’t need any of that to pull off this fundraiser fashion show. Many times, the school will make certain the student models are ready before the event happens. All you need is floor space, which you have within your local blue lodge.  Maybe you can make some one-of-a-kind fashion show benefit t-shirts for sell and bring in even more money for the school.

You would be surprised how a theater staff members and theater students would be very willing to put themselves out there and be goofy. You’ll be selling tickets, auction fashion styles and selling the t-shirts merchandise in no time.  It’s a lot of work but it’s for the right purpose.

So bring it before the craft for them to vote on at your next stated communication and get the ball rolling.

2. Auction a Handyman or Have a Silent Auction

So, do you have a lot of handy brothers in your local lodge?  Maybe they would be willing to auction themselves as a ‘handyman for a day’ to someone in the community. Many people need things fixed and might be willing to show up to an auction that helps a local youth charity. The Freemasons are one of the premier fundraising go to groups when we want to help local kids programs.  This works great if the ‘handyman’ in question is someone well known or beloved in the community.

Think outside the box on this one. Your Handyman might get dressed up for the auction in his best working clothes and tools to show the bidders his preferred skills. The winner’s choice handyman can help them fix something and also their donation impacts the youth locally too  So get your willing volunteer brothers to get into character to really sell the bidding process.

Also, you can a host a silent auction on the same night too.  Get some auction gift baskets and gift cards from local stores. Get creative with the auction items, make some based on sports and others on other things that people would want to buy.

Have a few hotel getaways too, try to think about experiences instead of things. Perhaps you have a donor willing to grant access to his vacation home for the weekend. Or maybe you have a donor who would cook a home cooked meal for the a few auction winners.  Both are easy and some people really are great cooks and people know they are going to get a great experience out of it.

3. Treasure Hunt

This is a great way to show off all the Masons in the community. Ask your brothers to participate in a town wide treasure hunt fundraiser for the community to get involved in.  Different brothers need to allow visitors to come to their office or storefront looks for treasure hunt clues.

Have a group of places for people to find and get clues at the end of the treasure hunt, have a great big reception at the Masonic Lodge. Spaghetti is easy and salad is always a safe bet too.  Both are inexpensive to purchase. Make a trophy for the winners and a plaque for the group that took the longest too. Appreciate everyone the participates in the fundraiser.

This fundraiser is great for pet rescues, service dog groups, and pet foster groups as the recipients of the money raised.  Half of the population are pet friendly and having a dog walking with a group of participants is a great way for them to see the good the money they are donating are going to.

Your Masonic Lodge can be the go-to for Pet Rescues and other animal programs that need support. And it is good to be seen as the fraternity that speaks up for our four legged buddies.  Who knows maybe a few people that donating will get excited about Freemasonry and recommend a few good men to your local lodge.

4. Balloon Pop Challenge

This idea is inexpensive and family friendly. Sell tickets for people to pop balloons.  Yup, that’s the concept for the fundraiser and it works great for the local sporting teams that need money. You sell tickets and give the money to a little league style program in your community.  These groups always need money for away games or basic supplies like bats and gloves for the kids.

Your Masonic Lodge can host the event at sports field or at your Blue Lodge.  The idea is when you fill the balloons hide prizes inside a select few, and sell the chance to pop a consider number of balloons to event-goers for a chance to “pop for prizes.”  It’s simple as writing the prize on a slip of paper and putting it in the balloon before you blow it up.

Make it fun for everyone – bring a few ear muffins for the little ones that don’t like the popping sound.  Your Masonic Lodge can raise a bunch of money for the sports team and the coaches will be interested in learning more about the fraternity.

5. Open House Fundraiser

Invite the public to tour your charity grounds and see what happens behind the scenes. From showing off your Masonic Aprons to walking people around the lodge room – this is an easy way to show off the fraternity a little.  Give a history of famous masons and how the fraternity has been a positive impact on the local community.  Talk about local business owners and elect officials that have links to your lodge too. Those who buy tickets to the tour feel involved at the ground level.

After the tour, host a cocktail reception and have participants buy their reception goblets prior to the tour. Make certain the goblets are a collectors addition and that are also a wildly inflated price to be donated to your cause. If your Grand Lodge does not allow for alcohol to be served in the lodge, then make it a ‘Designated Driver Celebration’. Where everyone is the Designated Driver and everyone is going to get home safe.  Light refreshments such as cheeses, crackers, and veggies platters are good to offer too.

An open house fundraiser is great for charities that don’t have a physical location or maybe so new that they can’t afford to host a big expensive fundraiser. Trust me it is not hard to find these groups and some actually have hundreds or even thousands of fans wanting to support them too.

6. Pamper-Them festival

How many times have we had a terrible ladies program at an official visit or nothing at all?  What if your Masonic District hosted a pamper-them party for the ladies, the lodges and brothers support their lady to get pampered for a few hours while the official visit is happening. yup, the district brethren are dropping the dollars to pamper their spouses and your district is also making money for a charity at the same time. Bragging rights – so many other districts would not do this.

The Grand Master and his party will be amazed to see your Masonic District is so generous and civic minded too.

Here is what you need to do – get students from the local Massage School and Cosmetology School to donate their time to the fundraiser.  Every lady will receive a massage, roses, fruit juices, tasty chocolates, and a manicure or pedicure (maybe both if the husband drops some extra donation dollars).

Make certain the schools bring the stalls for offering luxury beauty treatments, chair massage, and makeovers.  You can up-sell wellness items and jewelry or clothing from local boutiques.  This is a great way to show off for the Grand Master and I recommend raising money for ‘ local orphans’ because it’s hard to say no to children without parents to raise them.

7. And finally my favorite – the Ugly Sweater Fundraiser

We all have that one horrible sweater hidden in our closet. And I know it’s fun to break out a ‘holiday’ ugly sweater once a year. What if you can turn this awkward fashion statement into a fundraiser?

The concept is pretty easy – you challenge your lodge brothers to wear an ugly sweater all day and take selfies of themselves in town. They need to add hashtags and every selfie is a pledge to donate to the worthy cause selected.  The community will get excited about seeing the odd challenge pop up in their social media feed and get a good chuckle as well.

But, they will also see the well intention-ed purpose behind it. The worthy cause will be put in their minds and give them an idea of how Masons help the world and their community. So, it’s time to put the ugly sweaters to good use and make an awareness fundraiser with it.

Well, I will be writing more articles to help grow the fraternity and I hope this information was helpful to you. If you want more Freemasonry topics to read? Good news, I am creating plenty for you to enjoy! I have been spending hours creating this information, so take a moment to read each one!  Or maybe you want to find a lodge in your neck of the woods? Good news – I am creating a complete review of each Grand Lodge – it will take time but I wanted you to have this information at your fingertips!  If you want to network with other Freemasons – check out our Facebook Group / Page now!

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