What finger to wear masonic ring on?

This is a super popular question by the new brothers in my lodge.  Time and time again, a new brother wants to know the proper way to wear his Masonic Ring.  Numerous times a brother asks me “What finger do I wear my masonic ring on?” or “What finger should I wear my Mason Ring ?”. Here is the quick answer – any finger you want to wear it on.  If you are a Master Mason and have been raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason – you are entitled to all the privileges of a Master Mason. 

Now let’s dig in a little for the brothers looking for a more complete answer to this question. The Freemasonry Report prides itself on delivering real world perspectives to these types of questions.

What does each finger symbolize to the outside world?

The Pinky Finger is the first we should look at. The pinky finger can denote intuition, the ability to have a higher than normal level of communication, and a very nibble intelligent speed of thinking in a strategic way.

Wearing any style of Masonic ring on the pinky finger doesn’t directly tie the brother with any religious associations. This finger is for making a statement by being located the farthest from your body. The pinky finger is ego focused and many times this type of brother is a strong negotiator.

The Ring Finger is next up!  The ring finger is generally tied to the love of beauty, the wearer is many times a creative brother, and he is very strong in relationship building and maintaining with other brothers.

Symbolically, the ring finger is associated with Earth’s moon which is a reflection of the sun’s light. This brother is generally passionate about the fraternity and the knowledge he has gained. His creativity in life crosses over to fraternity by bringing new solutions to the table for the betterment of the craft. Furthermore, this brother will be the one who has a strong emotional / romantic relationship with his spouse.

In the United States, this finger is most commonly associated with being married. I can say this because I live in the US in the Grand Lodge of Florida (i.e. the State of Florida).  Interestingly, it is not uncommon to see 14th Degree brothers wearing that masonic ring to show to the world they are forever connected to the Scottish Rite Fraternity.

The Middle Finger – oh boy here we go…  In the United States, the middle finger has a negative meaning and many brothers need to remember if they decide to wear a Masonic Ring on their middle finger.  If they do wish to do so, the middle finger represents ironically responsibility and self-analysis too. Most people who wear a ring on this finger understand the negative meaning and are extra careful to make a good impression while showing off their ring. Due to the negative feelings tied to the finger – Freemason rings worn on the middle finger are surprisingly uncommon.

The Pointer Finger is a symbol of leadership and authority as well. During my travels, it is not uncommon to see seating Worshipful Masters wearing a Masonic ring on his finger of his active hand. It has always indicated his high self-esteem, confidence, and great leadership abilities while serving the craft.

And finally the Thumb. The thumb represents a brother’s Personal Self-Assertion towards all brothers and community members in his life. Wearing a thumb ring on be seen a trendy too. Some brothers may view this brother as fashion oriented and good individual to ask about attire suitable for wearing in a lodge’s stated communication.

Is there more to think about when choosing a masonic ring and your preferred finger – yes.  I will be adding to the blog article – so check back regularly to read my updates to this topic.

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