Ways to Succeed As a Masonic Author

Ways to Succeed As a Masonic Author 

There are a variety of ways to succeed as a Masonic author. But first, you need to take time to plan ahead before you start writing. Like many other things in life, writing a successful book takes more than just a dream. Some brothers have the mistaken belief that writing a nonfiction book will bring them fame and fortune. But we should not be writing books for money but more importantly – we should be writing books to help improve or inform our fraternity.

While there have been many exceptions to people that have become famous for writing a book. This list can include people such as Jack Canfield, Dale Carnegie, Manly P Hall, Norman Vincent Peale, and Albert Pike to name a few.  Did you know that the average book averages less than 2,000 copies in sales over its lifespan?  Even though all of the authors I listed above have sold millions of copies during their lifetime and later, they are not the norm.

Obviously, my goal is not to dissuade you from writing Masonic book or ebook, but if you are looking to create a primary stream of income from writing you will have to prepare. My suggestion is to start doing a lot of research on the number of books published each year and prepare for your competition. For example, if you search for “freemason books” on Amazon, you will get a listing of various genres totaling over three million titles.

Ways to Succeed As a Masonic Author by the Freemasonry Report

The following are several ways to succeed as a Masonic author.

  • Do your homework about your Masonic topic you want to write about.
  • If you don’t have an idea – research Masonic Topics others have already written about.
  • Once you have come up with your unique Masonic book idea – you can quickly review what you are up against by researching similar titles to the one you have planned.
  • Look at competing titles from the standpoint of content
  • Take into consideration the book’s format, size, print or digital style eBook, and cover design
  • Keep in mind the book’s pricing, seasonality, and other factors that will impact your overall sales.

Now it is time to objectively assess your reasons for wanting to write a Masonic book. Why is the Craft going to read it? Furthermore, you need to fully understand all the different reasons why you feel the need to write it.  Success in Masonic writing or any book writing fro that matter is by first objectively and honestly decide why you want to write.

Some typical reasons are authors write a book or ebook is for personal, brand, or business credibility/identification. While other authors seek fame and fortune and yet others want to help others. Another popular reason is that you have something to say thus to you want to use a book as your creative outlet. I think the best possible reason to write a Masonic book or a Masonic ebook is to leave a legacy for future generations that will join our Craft someday.

The following are several goals to succeed as a Masonic author.

Whatever your motivation, it is important to set realistic goals based on it.

  • Create a personal daily, weekly, and monthly writing goal chart. Research shows that people who put their goals in writing and refer to them regularly are more likely to attain them.
  • Display your goals in your home or office for everyone to see and hold you accountable to them.
  • Keep a copy of your writing goals next to your computer and by your bed to visually remind you of what you want to accomplish for Freemasonry.

Create a viable writing plan of action for yourself. If you really want to get your Masonic book written take time to plan your day. Some authors develop a plan of action in the form of a project or business plan. Now I am not saying to go that far but you need to dedicate a few hours each day to writing. These writing hours should be a self mandated requirement to achieve your goal.

After you are into the groove of the self mandated time for your book/ebook, it will easier to transition for the other phases. These include but are limited to production, marketing, interviews, speaking engagements, and of course the selling processes. If you take these simple actions, you significantly increase your chances of success.

The following are several book themes to consider to succeed as a Masonic author.

Finally, are you wanting a few ideas for a Masonic Book theme to get your creative juices flowing? Well, I have created a short list to help you, my brother.

  1. Esotericism – Yes our fraternity is loaded with this from the Blue Lodge all the way to our appendant bodies.
  2. Historic Research – Our brethren have done plenty to grow our fraternity in the past.
  3. Poetry and Songs – Our Craft enjoys this topic and maybe you can add to it in some way.
  4. Famous Masons – Offering a biography from a strictly Masonic sense could be fun and interesting.
  5. Military Events that included a Freemason
  6. Historical Events that included a Freemason
  7. Masonic Gear

This list could go on and on but my goal is to help get you thinking about this. And maybe just maybe you will continue or start your own passion project in writing a Masonic Book. Hopefully, in the years, decades, and centuries to come your name might be remembered as one of the great minds of our era. Good luck and as always enjoy our fraternity.

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