How long does it take to become a Freemason?

This is a great question that is wondered by many people around the world.  The answer varies a bit based on the individual and the lodge.  Most times, it take 45 to 60 days. But, depending on the time year the candidate get involved it might take 45 to 120 days unfortunately.

Why does it take so long to be a Freemason?

Well the steps involved to become a Mason is rigorous. From background checks that take a week to interviews with the prospective candidate. Further, the voting to begin the process to have the craft agree to have a new candidate. After, reading the results of the work and read the petition at a meeting. Once this is done, the petition has to wait 30 days to be re-read, and then balloted upon so the candidate’s petition. So this can take at least 45 days when done efficiently and longer if not, which makes the process quite time consuming as well.

Is it worth waiting more than 45 days or more to become a Freemason?

This question plagues me because we live in a world of ‘I want to right now’. The days of patiently waiting are quickly going away. But, my attitude to this type of thinking is simple. This is a lifetime commitment, shouldn’t you be okay with no being rushed into something this important? 45 to 90 days compared to the average age of an adult man – which is 75 years – is nothing.

I try to explain to a new candidate that joining the Freemasons is like going to a 5 Star Restaurant.  When you go to the 5 Star Restaurant you have multiple courses with a waiter dressed in a tuxedo. There are sometimes breaks between the courses for a drink or smoke. Now looking at a fast food drive thru restaurant, this type of place serves you quickly and the food is average. The service is generally done by a student who is not getting paid a premium to give you your food. Most days, they are awaiting the end of their shift with little care to see if you are truly happy with your meal.

So you get what you pay for. If you want an inexpensive and average meal or the ability to join quickly – well maybe another fraternity is better suited for you.  Now if you want to be a Freemason, you are okay with things going at a slower more deliberate pace. Then this fraternity is for you, you probably understand that good things take time to be done well.


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