Are Freemasons Greedy?

“Are Freemasons greedy?” This is the question I was asked recently by a visitor at my lodge. It kind of surprised me because when I asked him if he any questions I never saw this one coming. It made me pause for a second. After his explanation of the movies and tv shows saying Masons are hiding treasure and he wanted to know why we didn’t want to share it.

So Freemasons in Freemasonry are not greedy at all.  They are kind of selfless in a lot of ways. They give their time, talents, and their own money to help other Masons and their families as well as the community a too.  The money comes from them, not some secret bank account with billions of dollars. Each dollar raised from the brothers in the fraternity literally comes from the brothers of the fraternity.

Why do Freemasons not want to share their buried Masonic Treasure?                

So, I love when TV shows and movies give the general public this wonderful idea of a room full of gold and ancient treasures from past civilizations. From the map to the hidden treasure being on the founding documents of the country in the movie – the National Treasure.  Then to the hidden treasure being left in a random island off the coast the United States – The Secrets of Oak Island.

Trust me if this was true and the case…. I would be driving a Porsche on Monday, a Ferrari on Tuesday, a Lamborghini on Wednesday, a Cadillac on Thursday, and a BMW on Friday, but I am not driving those cars because there is no physical treasure. Sorry History Channel, Sorry Internet Streaming Companies, Sorry California Movie Executives, and Sorry to the many authors that can spin a tall tale. There is no conspiracy theory of how Masons are running the world.

Freemasons are a group of dedicated individuals from all walks of life.  When a Freemason finds success in life, many times he can be asked to serve on a corporate board.  He may be asked to help on a charity board. Or he may be requested to serve our community in an elected office. But, it was his actions that created his success. It was not the fraternity – it was his hardwork and efforts to find success.  Hardwork is not glamorous and it not something that happens quickly either. Hardwork is difficult and stressful at times. The fraternity can be a place for relief from the stresses of life and teachings of ways to live your life with integrity but that’s about it.

The reason that there is no physical treasure is because the treasure is knowledge. And knowledge is what keeps our world evolving from the ancient civilizations to the present day.

Where is the Freemason Treasure really hidden?

Now you are probably wondering where the treasure is hidden. Well, that’s simple, it’s in the hearts and minds of every Master Mason.  From the 33rd Degree Mason to the Shriner to the York Rite Knight Templar Mason, the secrets are safely hidden in their hearts. Why? Because you can’t stop the heart of a volunteer and you can’t stop the heart of someone who wants to continue to learn throughout his life.

A Master Mason understands the lessons in the degrees that his actions in life matter to everyone around him but most especially himself.  His actions are the physical results of the treasure that Masonry so willingly reveals to its newest members.  The actions share with the world how Masons love one another and are viewed by the outside world to be the unending importance Masonic Lessons have to our community and our society.

How many Freemasons know where the Treasure is really at?

Now I get it, the timeless whispers of people who are ignorant and uneducated, that say ‘well you don’t really know all the secrets until….’. The logic of not getting a particular degree under your Masonic belt can be reason to have doubts.  There is a saying in Masonry that ‘there is no higher rank’ then ‘Master Mason’. Why? Because it shares exactly where the treasure is. It tells the new Master Mason where to go to find it and how to use it.  That is why we say the highest compliment you can call a Brother Mason is by using the term ‘Brother’.

Ironically, Freemasons have been labeled as many things. Unfortunately, when a greedy person wants part of the fast riches, they will say or do anything to destroy someone or something to get it.  A truly greedy person is blind to truth in front of them. This greedy person will never understand that knowledge used can create real riches.  Hardwork and the desire not to give up are part of it too.

Final Thoughts on A Greedy Mason and the question… Are Freemasons Greedy?

Sometimes, being greedy is not totally bad either.  Having a desire to get ahead is a good thing and can be very motivating for some people. Also, for the longtime brother Masons, it is okay to be greedy in the fraternity and take advantage of the things the fraternity can offer.

I think it is okay to be greedy and enjoy the fraternity.  From joining the Shrine or the Scottish Rite / York Rite to hanging out with a few brothers at a coffee shop.  It is ‘your’ fraternity and you should have the right to enjoy the way you want to. There are many opportunities to enjoy the fellowship, social, degree work, events, and activities if someone wishes to take advantage of everything the fraternity can offer. If you are not yet a brother in the fraternity, click the link to Freemasonry 101 to learn more about the fraternity and then check out the ‘Find a Lodge near you’ section to get connected with Masons near you.

Lastly, I am spending alot of time researching these topics and I am networking with Freemasons on Facebook – if you want to catch up with me or Freemasons from around the world – check out this Facebook Group / Page now.

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